360 aerial virtual tour and editing
January 2, 2017

Cold 360

U sually my day starts after 8:00 am but these day was different. I woke up around 5:30 and started to prepare my equipment. It was still dark and stars were visible. My two years old son and wife were still sleeping in hotel room. Only thing that suggested sunrise is coming soon was pale light on east.

This morning I had to take photos for 360 of Pančić's Peak. Generally I really like taking photos but in this case situation was little different. It was cold outside and full of snow. This is normal for these time of year for ski resort Kopaonik and frankly speaking these is why people come here. For people who like skiing and snow it was paradise, for me on other hand not so.

Why I have problem with snow and skiing? Well the truth is I am scared. When someone says skiing I see the picture of open fractures. And these morning was made for open fractures or at lease broken equipment.

Before leaving the room I checked once more my equipment and kissed my wife. She wished me luck. I was grateful that she didn't say break a leg. While leaving Hotel Angella I managed to grab coffee in bar.

When I left hotel I started to walk to a mating place. It wasn't so cold, just -5 °C. Day before I managed to organize transportation to the top of Pančić's Peak. I walked few minutes from hotel to meting place. When I arrived there my transportation was already waiting.

First thing I have noticed that person which came on snowmobile is dressed for colder conditions. I could only see his eyes beneath helmet, snow glasses and ski mask. When we started to drive to the top I found out why is that so.

Drive was rather pleasant if I forget temperature drop to -13 °C but on top I faced something that I didn't expect. The wind was blowing with speed of 80 km/h. Now I totally understood drivers equipment for colder weather. Also there was one more small detail, I forgot my gloves.

Sunrise was only a few minutes away, my hands were freezing while I was mounting my camera on a tripod. Tripod couldn't stand on its own so I had to ask Goran (driver) to hold it when I start to take photos. Then the sun came up. I can only tell you it was worth it all.