Founder/Mirjan Čubrić

Photographer and virtual tour expert, has 11 years of experience in photography, including 9 years in creating virtual tours.

Wordpress website development, website speed and security optimization professional.

Art director/Petar Sugović mag. art,

has 15 years professional experience in web design, graphic design and is also a sound designer and music producer.

Visual artist/Iva Musović

Iva Musović was born in Belgrade, 1973. She graduated at the Academy of Art, University in Nova Gorica. She studied two years at Rietveld Academy, Fine Arts University in Amsterdam and she finished a course for film directing in Belgrade, at the Centre for Visual Communication, KVADRAT.


Virtual tour creation

Our virtual tours are HDR virtual tours in HTML5 coding, 100% compatible with all devices like mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

Image stitching

Our Team has worked on complex image-stitching projects and has acquired great experience in solving the hardest issues.

Image editing

Taking best photos for creating virtual tours is just part of creating virtual tour. Other part is done in editing. We only use the best pratices and software for the job.

Logo design and Branding

Designing logo and branding is one of the crucial steps for the building company. The importance of showing your identity and values is the right way to distinguish yourself on market. Let's find best solutions for your company.

Programs that we use:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Photomatix, Ptgui, Hugin, Autopano Giga, Panotour pro and Pano2VR